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Cancer Curing Foods - 6 Ultimate Cancer Dominating And Preventive Foods

Cancer Curing Foods - 6 Ultimate Cancer Dominating And Preventive Foods

Are you eating cancer curing foods? The answer for most Americans sadly is no. If Americans were to realize, and simply exercise a bit more self-control, they could reduce they cancer chances down to a near impossibility. Family history of the disease is irrelevant when one changes the history of what one's family has eaten on a daily basis. This article will expand on 6 of the most proven and effective cancer curing foods.

Cancer Fighting Food 1) Tomatoes

One of the best and most common cancer fighting foods are tomatoes. They contain lycopene, an antioxidant that fights meandering oxygen molecules known as free radicals. These are one of many cancer triggers that can develop n the body. Plus tomatoes are so versatile, one pot of marinara can tickle the taste buds as well as help you in your battle to eliminate or prevent cancer.

Cancer Fighting Food 2) Green Tea

One of these foods is actually a drink. Green tea has long been a holistic cancer treatment. Green teas contain polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants. Green sencha tea has the highest concentration of this antioxidant.

Cancer Fighting Food 3) Spinach

Spinach should be a staple when trying to construct the right cancer fighting diet. Spinach and even other leafy greens like kale and bok choy can provide similar benefits. Spinach has two very powerful and potent anti-cancer molecules, sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinols. The indole-3-carbinols are also known as "I3C's" for short.

Cancer Fighting Food 4) Raspberries

In a certain study done on rats, raspberries where shown to reduce the cancer levels in rats when incorporated into their diets. When given between 5 and 10 percent of their daily diets the rats shrank their cancer levels by more than 50%.

Cancer Fighting Food 5) Acidic Fruits

Citric acid is contained in all acidic fruits. These acidic fruits contain a very potent chemical called limocene that helps your bodies' cancer killing cells known an lymphocytes. They also contain vitamin c which has a great ability to fight cancer in high amounts.

Cancer Fighting Food 6) Pomegranate Juice

Just like the raspberries, this exotic fruit has major anti-inflammatory properties. Which will help with many diseases inflammation related such as gout and arthritis. This powerful fruit can help diminish the most advanced of prostate cancer growth.

As you can see, all these things are natural things found in the environment. From that we should be able to easily conclude that the cure for cancer can be found within natural things. Are we to assume that the cure for cancer is something natural, and not in some wonder drug? Well those selling drugs, might not have you assume this, but history indeed speaks the truth.

Listen to real people give their personal accounts on how these and other cancer curing foods are used in a special and dynamic combination to nurse them to a cancer free body for good.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Coping With Lung Cancer

Coping With Lung Cancer

It can be very difficult at first for a newly diagnosed patient to cope with the diagnosis of lung cancer, both emotionally and practically. At first, the reaction may be of sadness, confusion, loneliness, and even anger; followed by the big question: "Why me?"

However, as this unexpected news begins to slowly sink-in, a more rational look at the situation must be taken. After the final acceptance of what is now reality, a patient must begin to prepare for what is going to happen next. Patient preparation is all about a patient's awareness, and the understanding of what exactly can be expected in the coming days, weeks, or months that lay ahead.

Often this preparation can play as an important role in the treatment of a patient, as the treatment that may be offered itself. With a clearer understanding of their cancer, and the types of treatment that are available, a patient is more likely to be able to make decisions and cope with what happens next.

Lung cancer and its treatment may affect patients in different ways, depending much on the staging of the cancer when it was diagnosed, and the gender and general health of the individual. However, at some point physical changes will begin to affect the body, if not affected by the cancer, by the treatment itself.

It is quite common for these changes to affect how an individual may relate to other people, due to the constant feeling of being overly tired, lethargic, and suffering from a severely damaged self-esteem. Usually family and friends are the first to notice these changes, as they are the ones that will usually feel the brunt of them.

Family and friends tend to rally round and can be of a much need support in times of trouble; however, there are other options on-hand to cancer sufferers as well. Apart from support from the cancer clinic itself, cancer help organizations that specialize in helping sufferers cope with their illness can also be very useful.

Usually information about such organizations are on-hand from the cancer clinic, although information can also be found on the Internet and in the yellow pages. Both the clinic, and these organizations will be able to offer support such as with a physiotherapist, or dietitian. Information relating to sick pay, benefit entitlement and such, can be obtained from social workers.

Social workers may also be able to arrange help after coming out of hospital, and more so when the patient lives on their own. There are many options of help available for cancer patients. However, hope and belief in that everything will turn-out OK should never be forgotten, as they can both be very powerful treatments in themselves.

Philip is a Freelance Writer, Author, and Owner of Cancer Cry. He was born in Oxfordshire, England; however, today he lives in Mexico where he has been based for many years, researching and writing about cancer and other health related issues.

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